Ways to Reduce Carbon Emissions

by Jesus Villa on August 21, 2020
By: Kyle A Bertha 

CO2 is being trapped under the Earth's surface, the effects of all this extra gas is raising the overall temperature in the atmosphere. This is referred to as global warming. To try to reduce the risk of any more negative effects we need to start reducing the amounts of carbon emission we produce hence we need to stop burning fossil fuels. 


Carbon Emission Control

The following are tips and guidelines to help control carbon emissions:

• Turn off and unplug any electronic device when you are not using it (light, television, computer).
• Turn down central heating systems by just a few degrees, you will not feel the difference but will help reduce energy and cost.
• Only turn on the dryer and dishwasher when it is full.
• Fill the kettle with as much water as you need, do not waste energy in boiling more water than you actually need.
• Start doing shopping all in one trip. Get all your groceries and necessities all in one trip, this way you will save gas.
• Hang your clothes out to dry instead of using the dryer.
• Switch to energy-saving light bulbs.
• Start recycling waste (cardboard boxes, plastic).
• Replace all your appliances with energy-efficient ones.
• Start car-pooling when you can.
• If you can walk the distance avoid driving.
• Buy your fruits and vegetables locally.
• Do not buy bottled water
• Take your own mug to coffee shops in order to avoid using a disposable cup.
• Reduce your consumption of red meat.
• Try to avoid buying over-packaged items.

Carbon emissions, most notably CO2, negatively influence the quality of air in our atmosphere and the greenhouse gas effect. Greenhouse gases have a direct and significant impact on the environment which causes extreme weather change, an increase of temperatures, the loss of ecosystems, and is a threat to the health of humans. It is important to understand the potential threat of carbon emissions and ways to help reduce your carbon footprint.


Threats of Carbon Emissions

• Rise of sea level - Coastal plains would become uninhabitable with the rise of sea level which would result from melting ice caps.
• Impacts on agriculture - Since carbon emissions cause global warming and most agriculture needs a certain temperature to grow appropriately, the productivity of growing good will decrease.
• Reduction of the ozone layer -The ozone layer is depleting as the rise of temperature is increasing.
• Ecosystem change -The net effect is moving many species towards the North and South Poles, this will change the circle of life as many animals will change what they hunt and where they live.

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Article Source: Ways to Reduce Carbon Emissions
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